How To Use DATA Resources

Find Reports by Category

  • Click on any category listed on the left menu to see related reports.


  • Type words in the Search box above and click Search to get a listing of reports with those words in the report name or description.
  • Please be advised that some of the words or acronyms that you type in the search box may be found as part of another unrelated word. For example, if you search for 'GE', your search results may consist of reports that use the words 'usage' or 'age' in their report descriptions, besides genuine 'GE' reports.

Data Knowledge Base

  • This is a wiki space that contains report descriptions, definitions of terms, best practices for common business processes and more.

Reporting Tools

Share Cool Reports That You’ve Developed

  • Please email if you have a report, listing, audit that you’ve developed that could be of use to others and we’ll see if it can be automated and made available to campus users.

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